The Writer.

Many writers are seemingly born with a pen in hand and a desire to create their life’s great work. For Fadra, falling into the path of writing was purely incidental.

As a child, she wrote and performed pieces ranging from rewritten songs commemorating the graduation of elementary school to completely preposterous plays performed for her fellow sixth graders.

As her academic career grew, her writing skills improved while her creativity waned. After years of college term papers, PowerPoint presentations, and proposals, writing had become all but a chore. She eventually fell victim to unemployment and sought blogging as a way to create an online portfolio.

After a few short months, she fell in love, not only with the blogging community, but with the craft of writing.

She has just finishing co-writing her first nonfiction proposal and is working on her life’s great work. As soon as she figures out what that is.


Your thoughts are welcome.

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