The Marketer.

Creating an environment to educate and facilitate was the vision of a former marketing professional deeply immersed in the blogging world. Take marketing expertise and an understanding of the blogging world and create a bridge of communication. And so Fadra started Social Dialect.

Although she graduated from Case Western Reserve University with a degree in Biology, she has always followed her passions and created careers around them: research & development, science teacher, corporate travel guru, and finally software and marketing.

In the technology sector, Fadra worked in multiple leadership roles including Product Marketing Manager, Test Architect, and Manager of Release Engineering. She also spent time at the corporate marketing level working in Strategy and Planning with a global team across 6 vertical industries. Throughout her business career, she has worked directly with Fortune 1000 companies. With her business knowledge and technical marketing expertise, she focuses on helping clients shape their web marketing strategy for a more effective online presence.

For speaking or consulting engagements, please contact Fadra directly on her professional site.


Your thoughts are welcome.

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