The Blogger.

Blogging is fun.

In a mere 800 words, you can tell a story or make people laugh. Add inspiration to someone’s day or show them a new world of consumer goods.

Fadra spends a lot of time on her blog all.things.fadra where she tries to do exactly that. In her own words:


So what’s my story?

I discovered I love to write. It only took me a few decades to figure it out but I love telling stories, inspiring others, making people laugh. And if I can do any of those on any given day, it’s a more successful day than I ever had at the office.

What do I write about?

Pretty much anything that catches my eye or my ear or my heart. Things you might find me writing about:

  • Family time: all the things I love about being a mom, growing up, and having kids
  • Beauty and fashion: because I am a girl after all
  • Healthy living: always trying to take a new focus on exercise and diet (meaning what you eat), a less toxic environment, and turning green
  • World of wonders: as a former biologist, I love the great outdoors, including all God’s creatures
  • Social media and marketing: it’s what I do and what I know and what I love, you’ll get opinions and facts here
  • Blogging and writing: something ironic about blogging about blogging but I do from time to time
  • World around us: travel, pop culture, politics, current events, in the news, religion; you never know what you’re going to get
  • Technology and gadgets: not as a tech-geek, just as a techo-lover and user
  • Really cool stuff: reviewing things I think are cool and interesting that I would actually use

If you are looking for someone to partner with on creative campaigns, branding, and current topics, you can contact her directly from her blog.


Your thoughts are welcome.

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