I’m Fadra. [fey-druh]

I’m not your typical blogger, if there is such a thing. I’m older. I’m conservative (mostly). And I’m one of those career women. I went to school, got my degree, embarked on a career (several actually). I traveled a lot and finally met the man of my dreams. We’re a decade into our marriage and have an extremely bright, precocious, and quite temperamental preschooler. Just like his parents (except for the preschooler part). Although it wasn’t our intention, he’ll probably be the dreaded only child in this family.

I didn’t set out to be a blogger or a writer or a marketer. I spent years in research, teaching, travel, software, and marketing. After I found myself on the government payroll (re: unemployment) for the second time in a year, I decided to go find myself.

What I’m finding is my passion is writing and using those words to connect with people. What I’m also finding is that I need a place to flex my creative muscles without scrutiny. I’ll be writing here. Some nonfiction. Some fiction. Some completely unclassifiable words.

This is my playground.

You can find me tweeting as @allthingsfadra.

Drop me a line at allthingsfadra@gmail.com.


Your thoughts are welcome.

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